Birthday Baking: Recipes

Cheesecake - classic recipe

Classic Cheesecake Recipe

Cooking Time: 180 min
310 kcal / 100g
Why do we love classic cheesecakes? We love them for their unique taste, which is unusual for a Russian...
Mia Walker
Mia Walker
5.0 out of 5
Gluten-free apple charlotte

Gluten-free Apple Charlotte

Cooking Time: 50 min
171 kcal / 100g
It turns out that gluten-free baking can be delicious! I never thought that rice flour could create such a...
Mia Walker
Mia Walker
4.8 out of 5
Fill cake with apples

Apple Jelly Cake

Cooking Time: 90 min
205 kcal / 100g
I bake a delicious and fragrant apple jelly cake in the oven using a simple recipe. It is indispensable...
Mia Walker
Mia Walker
4.6 out of 5